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Adventure Challenge Programs

Team building and low ropes course programs


Adventure challenge programs, commonly referred to as adventure-based teambuilding, ropes courses, or Experience-Based Training and Development (EBTD), are generally comprised of a series of high and low elements. In this case, high elements may include aerial trekking, tree climbing, or traditional high ropes course elements.

Low ropes and group initiatives courses are comprised of real and imaginary ground-based obstacles that present physical, mental, and emotional challenges which invite a group to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication.

The success of a group in meeting the challenges of an initiatives sequence depends not only upon individual strengths but also upon creativity, tenacity, strategic planning, shared risk taking, the allocation of resources, and the ability to create a climate in which individuals are able to trust each other and in which each member's contributions are recognized and valued.  In the process, members should discover their collective power to meet the ongoing challenge of work in other settings.

Trained facilitators lead groups of up to 15 participants per facilitator through a sequence of events, generally lasting in length 2.5 to 6 hours in length. Facilitators tailor the experience to meet the educational, developmental, or recreational needs of each particular group.

Common program goals include forming new groups, assimilating new members into a group, building positive group relationships, addressing specific behavioral issues, performance coaching and assessment, interpersonal and small group development skills, and leadership development.


  • Market Segmentation: Youth Groups, Religious Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Teams, School Groups, Corporations, Professional Groups, Families
  • Restrictions: Ages 10 and older; Weight limits: TBD


Adventure challenge programs can be located indoors or out, in heavily wooded terrain or on open fields.  In general, the terrain around the element should be relatively flat and free of obstacles and hazards.  Activities should be placed far enough from one another as to prevent contagion or distractions for group members.


  • Duration: 2.5 to mulit-day programs
  • Number of Elements: 12 to 30
  • Land: 3 - 20 acres
  • Avg. Price: $20.00 to $60.00/person for school, youth, and community groups; corporate programs priced separatelty.
  • Avg. Annual Attendance: 20,000 to 40,000


  • 12 to 16 constructed obstacles with some duplicates to manage large groups
  • 20 to 30 portable elements stored on of off site
  • Conversation circles for program briefing and group discussion

Smugglers' Notch/Stowe, Vermont,  The Adventure Guild Chattanooga, Tennessee

ALSO KNOW AS: low ropes courses, group initiatives, teambuilding, team building, outdoor leadership, experience-based training (EBT), experience-based training and development (EBTD)




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