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Employment Opportunities

ZIPStream Fall Creek Falls is always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, skilled individuals.
While many of our positions require individuals proficient in technical skills, previous experience working in the out-of-doors is not required. Strong communication skills and a passion for working with people is required.

ZIPSTREAM FALL CREEK FALLS RE-OPENS MARCH 21, 2015.  We are currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer 2015

Job Qualifications

Job applicants must be responsible and highly organized. Working in the Aerial Adventure Park involves working at great heights and in an environment that can be largely unpredictable. Successful candidates must be committed to taking responsibility for their safety and that of our guests at all times. All candidates must undergo intensive training and pass a written and practical exam to gain full employment.

Training & Skill Development

Some positions may require prior experience working in the out-of-doors or specific certifications and training. Paid training is available for most positions. Ongoing training and skill development is at the core of our business. Applicants should be prepared to participate in an ongoing training and skill development program. Open communication and a willingness to give and receive feedback on performance are critical to the process in all positions of the organization.

Season & Work Schedule

Most positions inside the organization are seasonal. While tour operations will be conducted from early spring to late fall, the summer provides the most opportunities for work.  Staff will be offered work in the fall, winter, and spring based on qualifications, performance, and seniority.  Staff who come to the position with additional skills in construction, marketing, journalism, accounting, and small business management are likely to be provided additional work when business is slow.

Tours are offered seven days a week with departures scheduled throughout the day. While tours are scheduled by reservation, schedules often are not complete until a day or several days in advance.  As such, staff must be prepared to work irregular hours and make themselves available throughout the week.  During Peak Season, employees can expect to work long hours.  During the Off-Peak Season when work is more sporadic, employees can expect to receive work as it becomes available.

Income & Wages

Entry level positions generally pay between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour plus tips.  It has been our experience that tips generally average $2.00 to $3.50 additional per hour depending on time of season.  We do not guarantee tips.

Administrative and office position pay is set by the position and based on the experience of the applicant. All full-time employees will receive access to our basic benefits package which includes friends and family discounts and access to pro-form purchasing from select vendors.  Additional benefits may apply based on arrangements with local partners. These benefits are site specific and not guarenteed.

Bonuses are sometimes issued.  Incentive and bonus programs are offered during the Peak Season.  To be eligible, staff must remain available throughout the entirety of the Peak Season.

Staff Policies

Our business requires that staff are alert and functioning at their best.  ZIPStream reserves the right to terminate any employee without notice for breach of safety procedures or other policies.  A more thorough employee manual will be provided to each employee upon hire.  Employees are expected to adhere to all policies inside the manual.  Failure to meet policies and employee guidelines is reason for immediate dismissal.  ZIPStream reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel without notice, all or any part of our policies, procedures, and benefits at any time as needed.


All staff are expected to have their own transportation to and from the site.  Failure to show proof of reliable transportation and timeliness to work will result in suspension without pay or dismissal.

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Apply Now

To apply for any of the positions above, please download, complete and remit an employment application form by e-mail, fax, or in person.  For administrative and office positions, please also include a cover letter and resume detailing relevant work experience.  For applicants with previous experience in the aerial adventure park or challenge course field, please remit a copy of your complete Challenge Course Portfolio and any certificates.

(required MS Word 2010 or greater)



ArborTrek/ZIPStream Fall Creek Falls
1997 Village Camp Dr
Pikeville, TN 37367
(615) 499-5779 office
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